Hair transplants on the up as cosmetic surgery trend continues

Hair Transplant Surgery
hair transplant

hair transplantResults from the 2016 Global Aesthetic Survey show that there has been an increase in demand for surgical and nonsurgical procedures by nine percent. America appears to be in the lead, accounting for almost eighteen percent of procedures and the top five countries – America, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Mexico account for forty-one percent of procedures.

Some of the most sought after procedures include labiaplasty, lower body lifts, upper body lifts and breast augmentations. Other procedures which have been rising in popularity recently include liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty.  Penile enlargement surgeries saw a massive decrease of almost thirty percent.

The survey also revealed that women compromise of eighty two percent of cosmetic surgery patients. Men on the other hand compromise of almost fourteen percent of cosmetic surgery patients and their most sought after procedures include eyelid surgery, gynecomastia, rhinoplasty, liposuction and hair transplants.

What do these results mean?

These results suggest that patients now want to take advantage of the latest innovations available in aesthetic surgery so that they can look and feel more confident with themselves. The increase in patients, specifically male patients, could be down to either feeling more concerned about personal appearances or perhaps feeling there is fewer stigmas around surgery hence more men are turning to cosmetic surgery.

Increase in hair transplant surgeries

With multiple celebrities of all ages recently openly admitting to undergoing hair transplants, the stigma around tackling baldness appears to be reducing. 2014 figures show that over thirty nine million hair restoration procedures were performed worldwide, with almost ninety percent of these procedures involved restoring hair to balding scalps.

With more information being easily accessible online, patients are feeling more comfortable opting for hair transplants as they cause minimal pain and are only mildly invasive. Recovery time is often just a few days and healthy hair growth starts from the third month, complete results are visible within a year.


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