Hair transplants, botox and eye lifts – introducing the “Daddy Makeover”

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Daddy Makeover

Daddy MakeoverThe mummy makeover has become really popular in recent years as women desperately try to regain their pre-pregnancy body. However, surprisingly there’s a new cosmetic trend setting in – the daddy makeover.

It appears the pressures of social media have affected men too, with many opting to undergo numerous procedures to retain their youthful looks. Hair transplants, Botox and eye lifts are just some of the most popular procedures carried out on men today, with the most common reason cited for the trend being career pressure.



Good looking men shown to succeed more in work

When you think of work equality, most likely you think of women. It’s long been known that many women are paid less than their male colleagues. However, the results of a recent survey have shown another surprising fact about work equality – good looking men are known to be paid up to a staggering 15% more than colleagues deemed less attractive. They also have more chance of being accepted into higher positions.

The daddy makeover has been designed to help middle-age men transform their appearance. Rather than having to have separate weekly treatments, men can instead opt for one makeover session which addresses several cosmetic issues at the same time.

Hair transplants one of the most requested treatments

The daddy makeover incorporates numerous treatments, but one of the most requested is the hair transplant. Male pattern baldness is extremely common and the media coverage surrounding male celebrities undergoing the procedure has helped to dramatically boost its popularity.

The reason why it’s so popular is because it offers a permanent solution to hair loss. However, in order for it to work, the patient needs to have suitable donor hairs either at the crown or the sides of the head.

Overall, while daddy makeovers are a little extreme, they can have a significant effect on self-esteem. However, rather than having numerous procedures carried out together, it may be a good idea to have a hair transplant done separately. That way, there’s less trauma caused to the body – something that can actually make hair loss worse.


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