Trans woman says hair transplant completed her transformation

Alopecia, Hair Transplant Surgery
hair loss

hair lossWhen it comes to gender reassignment from male to female one of the bigger challenges can be tackling the problem of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.  By the age of 50 over half the male population have the condition to some degree.  The problem is that there is no cure yet and long silky hair is one of the key societal expectations for most women.

Nicola tackled alopecia with a wig

One transgender woman, Nicola Trahearn, a fifty year old former builder from Birmingham had previously dealt with the problem by wearing wigs.  Although these could be highly effective they don’t last forever, are expensive and require a lot of maintenance.  Worse still there was always the risk of accidental exposure in high winds or when doing sport.  With all this in mind Nicola, born Mark decided to opt for a hair transplant.

In recent years the procedure has developed to the point where success can almost be guaranteed.  The move away from Follicular Unit Transplant where strips of hair are removed to the newer technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (single hairs are transplanted) has seen less scarring, quicker recovery times and greater overall success.

Robot carried out the hair transplant

In Nicola’s case the £7000 operation was right at the cutting edge as the procedure was carried out by the ARTAS machine which is the only robotic system in the world that carries out hair transplants.  Using complex 3D modelling it harvests the hair from the back of the head in “safest and most efficient way” for patients.  It also implants the follicles into the scalp after making the incisions.

Although Nicola reported some pain and discomfort during and after the experience she’s sure that it was all worthwhile saying, “I think I’ll be able to look in the mirror now and be happier about what I see, and feel happier.  I’ll feel more like Nicola”.


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