Facial hair gets competitive in Nashville

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could a facial hair transplant help you win this beard championship?

could a facial hair transplant help you win this beard championship?Facial hair has become sought after in recent years. More men than ever before are growing their beards and grooming their facial hair to ensure it constantly looks its best.

Seen as a macho feature, facial hair has become so popular in America, there’s even a National Beard and Moustache championship!

Held in Nashville, this year’s event ran on September 3rd 2016 and saw 300 men compete for national titles. Yep, it really is competitive in Nashville!

Sponsored by Just for Men

The 2016 event was sponsored by popular men’s hair dye brand “Just for Men”. It gave facial hair enthusiasts the chance to really show off their creations, and some were a lot weirder than others!

There were 18 categories in total, all judged by an enthusiastic and energetic panel. Nashville was chosen to host the event as the city has managed to develop a reputation for boasting on-trend beards.

This event highlights just how beard-crazy the world has become in recent years. Unfortunately, this has caused someissues with self-esteem for those who don’t seem to be able to grow facial hair no matter how hard they try.

Beard transplants on the rise

One solution that is offered to men who find it challenging to grow a beard, is a facial hair transplant. Similar to hair transplants, beard transplants have become extremely popular. Their popularity has been growing  (no pun intended!) since 2014, when 4,500 beard transplants were carried out in the UK.

However, these kinds of transplants do have some restrictions. If you’re suffering from male pattern baldness for example, you may not be an ideal candidate. This is because hair needs to be taken from a donor site, usually at the back of the head. If there is insufficient hair available, a transplant won’t be able to be performed.

Overall, beards have become a must-have accessory. For those who do struggle, a transplant could be an ideal solution. However, if you aren’t a good candidate for a transplant don’t despair, SMP could be a great alternative. It might not give you a full beard, but it will give you cool looking “stubble”!


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