Dad beards – are we fated that way?

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Dad beards - are we fated that way?

Dad beards - are we fated that way?Writing recently in GQ magazine, Naveen Kumar light heartedly described how a gradually restyling of his facial hair had left him looking startlingly similar to pictures of his dad in 1978.

He develops a home made theory that there is a genetic inevitability that we will end up like our fathers, “We make dad jokes; some of us even have dad bods. Even dad style is cool now. Does it not follow that we have dad beards now as well?”

Breaking away from that dad look

So, if his theory is correct and we are genetically doomed to grow facial hair in the same pattern as our fathers is there anything we can do to break free and develop our own style?

You could just shave it all off and adopt the clean-cut look but what if you want a distinctly different beard with a unique growth pattern? Maybe your dad couldn’t even grow a beard and nor can you and you want to demonstrate your individuality with a more hirsute look.

Two weeks before you can start shaving your new beard

The good news is that the beard transplant has arrived and is becoming increasingly popular. Some surgeons are even claiming they are carrying out as many as three procedures per week.

Like a hair transplant the process involves migrating hair from the back and sides to elsewhere. In the case of a beard transplant it’s the face, rather than the scalp that receives the healthy hair. The procedure is remarkably successful and you can realistically begin shaving the already growing hair within two weeks.

As long as you’ve got a spare £5000 lying around then there’s nothing stopping you from breaking with genetics and developing a new unique style that won’t leave you looking like picture of your dad from the 70s.


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