Baseball team lifts controversial facial hair ban

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Marlins coach lifts controversial beard ban

Marlins coach lifts controversial beard banAfter a controversial ban, players of baseball team Miami Marlins, are once again allowed to sport facial hair. Don Mattingly, the team’s manager, seems to have finally relented after players were left unhappy about having to go clean shaven.

What caused the change of heart?

In recent years, the beard has grown to become extremely popular. It’s now so trendy there’s even national and international beard championships. So, could this be the reason behind Mattingly’s change of heart?

Speaking of the lift of the controversial facial hair ban, Mattingly admits it’s been tough over the past year with constant arguments from players about the ban. So, lifting it is seems more to do with team morale.

The most recent facial hair ban may have only been introduced a couple of seasons ago, but it’s actually been going on for 15 years. In 2012, players were allowed to grow both beards and moustaches. However, the most recent ban was placed again in 2016.

While the ban has been lifted, players must still keep their facial hair neatly trimmed. One way they could do this is with a beard transplant procedure.

Could beard transplants help?

The great thing about beard transplants is they can be used to create any particular look a patient is looking for. Hair follicles are transplanted purely to the areas chosen, meaning players won’t need to shave around the area. The beard will still need to be trimmed to look tidy, but it’s an extremely effective procedure for those seeking a beard right away.

Of course, in order to benefit from a beard transplant, you will need to have a good, healthy donor site. So, if you’re going bald on the back or sides of the scalp, you may not be able to benefit from the procedure.

Overall, Miami Marlin’s players are no doubt thrilled by the lift of the ban. Whether it will boost morale and set them on a winning streak is yet to be seen.


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