Will Gareth Bale be the next footballer to have a hair transplant?

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Will Gareth Bale be the next footballer to have a hair transplant?

Will Gareth Bale be the next footballer to have a hair transplant?There can’t be many football fans anywhere in the world who aren’t aware of Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant given the amount of times it has been written and talked about.

There’s now speculation that Welsh superstar and current Real Madrid player Gareth Bale may be opting for the same treatment. It’s not just idle gossip either as the information apparently comes from a source close to the player. According to the source, Bale has become fed up of trying to cover his bald patch by growing his hair and sporting a “man bun”.

Transplants have moved on – no need to cover up these days

These days hair transplants have moved on with new techniques and developments in the technology. It’s now possible to transplant individual hairs without removing strips of the scalp so healing and regrowth can be quicker without an horrendous intermediate phase where frankly it was best to wear a hat if you went out in public.

Baldness could be career limiting

It’s easy to poke fun at footballers for their vanity but it can’t be easy watching yourself on high definition TV when your most pronounced feature is an ever increasing bald spot. Also there’s a genuinely practical reason too. Balding men tend to look 4+ years older than their hirsute counterparts and that’s the kind of thing that might subconsciously affect a Manager’s thinking when it comes to team selection or transfers in a career which rarely lasts more than 20 years.

The word is that Bale has already booked the £10,000 treatment for the end of the La Liga season so that he’ll have a bit of time to let everything settle down before the TV cameras are on him again at the end of the year. We wish him all the best and luck forward to seeing the results.


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