Why are reviews of Provillus often so bad?

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This rubric is geared to promote debate and critique en masse – Why are reviews of Provillus often so bad? However before we proceed please note the content herein is an opinion based on a non-slanderous insight into what is known to date about Provillus.

The following is a brief appraisal about some not all of what has been published about Provillus. Needless to say a Caveat Emptor worth introducing at this point – namely, some hair products work, some do not, there is no as such definitive guarantee as so many outside variables may and often do impact on whether any particular hair treatment is effective.

Points to note relative to all hair products if the application – process and/or treatment is applied at a time when the recipient has a medical or natural body condition like pregnancy – illness – disease – hormone vitamin in balance/deficiency and the like then these specific issues may or will impact on the efficiency of hair treatment, application or therapy.

Some, let’s rephrase that many say Provillus is a scam, but hey let’s wait a minute! Where is the 100 percent proof of a scam? That can be answered unequivocally. There are thousands of claims out there and every single one has been unverified and authenticated substantiating factually about a scam.

With that out of the way, it is worth pointing that competition is fierce in the hair replacement sector, wherein sellers storm the battlegrounds all loaded with sales armory after one single aim sales. That means the first thing to fly out of the window is business ethics, to be quickly replaced by sales hyperbole and BS, mixed with a whole battalion of counter claims that will cover anything from boasts to lies and all and every misleading throw away lines that can be tossed into the middle of the Provillus sales battleground.

Just surfed on an ‘official’ Provillus website on a URL of a European country. We have not named the country as that would elevate in the URL full into the head lamps of close scrutiny, but this ‘official’ Provillus website is littered with spelling mistakes and hey, exact grammar is not all that important these days, but there is no excuse for bad spelling!

The incompetence of some of the online hair product peddlers has no bounds, and how they ever get one single sales conversion beggars belief. One issue that one can be sure of is this if anyone were to buy from this tardy ‘official’ Provillus website, most people in the world would bet that any and all buyers of Provillus from this particular website will get 100% shafted!

More focus back to the rubric – Why are reviews of Provillus often so bad? This really does not take Einstein to work this one out. Everyone in the world needs essential services like electricity, water and food. But there are more important things in life, for example your health and wellbeing. So given that health is all-important, it comes as no surprise to find that hundreds of millions of US dollars are spent annually on hair care and treatment.

So why does this global money making behemoth attract a raft of bogus and dubious vendors? Because they assess making sales on the law of averages, like on a tardy website they don’t care how cheap and unprofessional the website looks, as they only care about the traffic they can drive to this website as they know keyword targeted traffic sometimes converts. Like in the case of many online vendors of Provillus, they know that a percentage of visits will convert and only exit after they have pressed the ubiquitous buy button which sucks the money out of your credit card and/or PayPal account in real time.

Maybe this will help all hair loss sufferers that want a permanent hair restore solution – before one buys from one online website do some background profiling searches and due diligence and better still get in touch with buyers of Provillus who can tell you first hand their own personal experience when they underwent Provillus treatment and therapy.


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