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After reading a story this morning by journalist Patrick Strudwick in regards to Propecia and a heightened sex-drive, we decided to do a little research of our own…

No, not that kind of research.

It has always been said that Propecia, a drug used to treat male pattern baldness, has a negative affect on men’s sex drive, including causing erectile disfunction and reduction in semen production. However, it is now claimed that is could actually do the opposite with an increase on your libido; body mass, energy and performance.

Strudwick said; “Ten years ago, when I first started losing my hair, I took Propecia and my libido increased.”

So what is the truth?

A study earlier this year originally published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 92 percent of study participants reported developing erectile dysfunction, however this was a relatively small study and it could be argued that the anti-propecia websites could be having a psychological affect on the participants

Another study by Sweden’s Medical Products Agency suggested that Propecia could be a long-term sexual inhibitor.

Trawling through the forums online it is clear that men across the world are convinced that the drug has made a significant negative difference to their sex drive.

One forum member said: “I did have no sex drive and some side effects while taking the drug but my body came back to normal within a week or two of stopping the drug.”

Another said: “When you see the countless blogs and videos about Propecia side effects you have to believe there is more to this issue and it would deserve more research…certainly more than asking some fellow Physicians what they have heard.”

According to most physician experts in the field, there is zero clinical evidence that the use of Propecia can in any way cause permanent sexual dysfunction.

In October’s edition of Men’s Journal, they looked at the possible side effects finding female doctors who happily prescribed the drug for their husbands, as well as a guy who learned he was suffering from low testosterone, and the likely cause shocked him. “I’ll be on hormone therapy for the rest of my life,” he says, “because of Propecia.”

A study would need to look at thousands of Propecia and placebo users over a long-period of time, which would be extremely costly, however if the Propecia firms selling the drug are confident about the effects, perhaps it is time to put the debate to the test?

The problem is that not one drug in the world has exactly the same affect on every person; as no-one is the same. Most men have to weight up the pro’s and con’s to decide what is more important to them and whether they can deal with the side-effects, positive or negative if they occur.

Make sure you do your research to make an informed decision on how to deal with your hair loss issues. Talk to someone you know who may have been through a transplant or MHT® so you can feel happy about your decision.

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