The dangers of using Propecia whilst your partner is pregnant

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Although Propecia cannot be used by women to control hair loss, there can still be a danger if the male partner is using it at this time as it can be absorbed by the female

Propecia is a tablet taken by men to help reduce hair loss and works by blocking the chemical DHT which causes the hair follicles to shrink and die. Propecia contains finasteride which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to a 5a-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and therefore may cause abnormalities in the external genitalia of a male foetus whilst being carried in the womb.

Although not taken by a female, it can be easily absorbed into the body and reach the unborn child. Loss of hair by the male partner or danger to the child has no contest and if there are plans of pregnancy, taking of this medication should be stopped immediately. It takes around seven days to rid Propecia from the body so planning is important.

Propecia tablets are coated to prevent the active ingredient finasteride being absorbed by mere touch, but if it is crushed for any reason it should not come into contact with skin. The potential risk to a male foetus is not high if only a small amount comes into contact with skin, for instance when being unaware of pregnancy but continuous contact remains. If the male partner continues to use Propecia it can be passed through semen to the female so should be stopped altogether.

The use of Propecia for males under the age of 18 years is illegal because of its effects on the masculinisation process of boys during pregnancy. Before taking this form of medication for hair loss it is important to have a full check up with a qualified consultant. There are side effects that can be dangerous if there are any problems with organs of the body, it could increase the chances of prostate cancer and is not, therefore, a drug to be taken without consent.

Loss of hair can be stressful and cause embarrassment and lack of confidence to an individual. Finding the cause of hair loss is important as it is often the sign of an underlying ailment. The body requires sufficient vitamins and minerals for it to be healthy both in body and mind. The skin from which hair grows is the largest organ but not the most important. When there is a nutrient deficiency the body’s system will automatically divert nutrients to vital organs first. Hair, whilst being a statement of who we are, is there to control heat loss and body temperature. It would not be detrimental if there was no hair on the head.

The early weeks of pregnancy when a baby is developing, are the most important and use of medications can harm development. Each individual is different with different medical needs and this is why it is so important not to take anything without professional advice. This includes natural remedies and herbs as these too can effect a baby’s development.

Propecia is not a permanent solution, it needs to be taken daily for life for hair loss to slow down, and in the majority of cases, the drug provides no noticeable benefits. It can take up to 6 months for any advantages to be seen and once stopped, after about 9 months hair loss will proceed.

After the birth of the baby the use of Propecia should not be started if the baby is to be breastfed as any finasteride absorbed by the mother will be passed onto the baby through breastfeeding. It is a powerful drug and should not come into contact with children, particularly males.

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