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The condition and rate at which hair grows is not only dependent on the individual it also depends on race as different cultures have different types of hair. Hair can often indicate a person’s nationality, for instance, the Swedish are linked with blonde fine hair, Africans to black, short thick hair and the Chinese long black strong hair. Of course, that is not to say they are all the same, it is just a general view.

The Chinese are a race that have existed over many thousands of years and have been well known for their herbal medications, myths and culture. Chinese hair is easily recognisable and it is known for its strength, straightness and sleekness. The hair follicles are thicker when compared to others and the hair is able to stay straight even in humid climates or in heavy rain. Their hair does not shed as quickly and the growing cycle can last up to nine years but that does not mean they do not suffer from hair loss.

The Red Yao women are a minority ethnic group from the village of Huangluo Yao in China and are famous for the strength and length of their hair. Their hair grows to lengths of 5 or 6 feet and is only cut once in their lives at the age of 16. The village has been nicknamed the ‘long hair village’ and their hair is thought to be sacred as they believe it brings good fortune, long life and wealth.

Other than these different traits, hair should be treated in the same way no matter what the race. Healthy hair needs a healthy well-balanced diet with the vitamins and minerals it needs. When the body is under any form of stress, whether through illness or shock it will eventually have an effect on the condition of the hair. When the body is having to cope with such as an illness it will ensure the nutrients reach the major, essential organs and as the skin, although the largest organ, is not a major one it will receive fewer nutrients. In turn the hair follicles can become under-nourished.

When hair loss is noticed and there seems to be no apparent reason, seeking advice from a hair clinic and professionals at an early stage could help to prevent more loss. There are two medically approved treatments available for pattern hair loss, which is genetic, and for temporary hair loss. Minoxidil is a lotion that is applied to the scalp on a daily basis and can be used by both men and women. It is thought to help dilate the blood vessels around the hair follicles so encouraging more nutrients. Propecia can only be used by men over the age of 18 and is taken orally. The active ingredient finasteride inhibits the male hormone DHT which can attack the hair follicles.

It is important to note that neither minoxidil and finasteride are guaranteed to work, in fact the majority of men will notice no benefit, although they can provide benefits in some cases. Those considering using one of these drugs should also be aware that both medications have long been associated with unpleasant side effects, especially in the case of finasteride.

Many people of Chinese origin do suffer from genetic hair loss and the sooner this treatment is started along with other hair boosters the more chance there is of preventing further hair loss. The use of hair growth boosters is also becoming popular in clinics which make up their own formulas. Some of these contain the minerals and vitamins the hair needs to thrive, that can be massaged into the scalp to be absorbed into the skin and so help ‘feed’ the hair follicles. Over the counter products can be bought claiming they can stop hair falling out and help with regrowth but there has been no scientific proof to confirm such statements. That is not to say they do not work, they may well work on one person but not another. The use of a good shampoo and conditioner that can help to moisturise the hair will help keep it healthy and shiny.

HIS Hair Clinic operate a dedicated scalp micropigmentation clinic in Hong Kong. There are a number of advantages of SMP in comparison to other solutions such as hair transplant surgery, not least that the procedure is less invasive, permanent and offers guaranteed results.

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