New hair loss product launched in Malta

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Malta vichy hair loss

Malta vichy hair lossThe premium skincare brand Vichy Cosmetics has launched its own anti-hair loss treatment targeted at both men and women. The Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 claims that it can rebalance and recreate a healthier scalp thanks to its combination of five active ingredients. The ingredients are aminexil which ‘re-anchors’ the roots, SP94 which is meant to support hair survival and growth, arginine which helps to stimulate micro-circulation and well-nourished hair, octeine which aims to rebalance the scalp and Vichy mineralising water to soothe and reinforce the effects of the active ingredients.

A “Multi Target” hair loss product

The miracle product is marketed as ‘multi target’ and claims that it can slow down hair loss regardless of its cause – hereditary, stress-related, seasonal, post-pregnancy or even hair loss which is related to menopause.

Users are advised to follow the Aminexil Clinical 5 regime for at least three weeks to see results. Ninety six percent of users said that they had a significant decrease in hair loss within six weeks of using the hair loss treatment which was also validated by dermatologists. The product itself is easy to apply on both wet and dry hair; it has a non-greasy, non-sticky and non-oily texture and does not require rinsing as it doesn’t leave any residue.

Clinically Proven Hair Loss Solutions

Although the Aminexil Clinical 5 does sound like an excellent, miracle hair loss solution product it’s still early days and yet to be seen in the UK.  There are however, some clinically proven hair loss solutions already available.

Minoxidil is the active ingredient in the Rogaine brand which has been proven to work and is also currently recommended by doctors. Hair loss patients simply need to apply a topical solution on the affected areas on their head on a daily basis to see results and has been shown to work on improving thinning hair and delaying symptoms of male and female pattern hair loss.

Finasteride has also been clinically proven to improve symptoms of hair thinning and hair loss, patients simply need to take one tablet a day. Unfortunately however, Finasteride has been linked with some negative side effects such as impotence and depression.

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