Trump’s hair loss treatment could reduce the risk of cancer

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My link with Trump: hair loss drugs

My link with Trump: hair loss drugsThe common hair loss drug, Finasteride, which is also known to be used by the president of the United States, could possibly reduce the risk of prostate cancer by one third according to a newly released study.

The prostate specific antigen, PSA, is linked with an increased risk of prostate cancer development. Finasteride has been understood to lower levels of PSA and even inhibit hormone production which could damage hair follicles, reducing individual’s chances of developing prostate cancer.

Study findings

Scientists from South Korea tested the effects of Finasteride on more than one thousand participants who suffered from alopecia. The study was initially created to compare the effects of Finasteride and a similar drug called dutasteride on hair regrowth.

However researchers found that it was not just hair growth that improved. Throughout the low-dose treatment of Finasteride, PSA levels appeared to drop by twenty seven percent. In fact, almost eighty percent of patients demonstrated a PSA decline, even when the treatment was short term and lasted between three to six months.

More about Finasteride

Finasteride was actually originally developed to treat urinary problems in men. Scientific studies show that the drug makes prostate glands smaller, as it reduces the levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). However during drug trials, researchers found that Finasteride was having the unexpected side effect of hair growth.

Since 1997 in the USA, Finasteride has been an FDA approved steroid inhibitor as a treatment option for male pattern baldness. Men are expected to take Finasteride once daily and it appears to have a high success rate.

Unfortunately the drug has recently come under increased scrutiny as it has been linked to uncommon side effects such as low mood, desire to self-harm and impotence.  If you are worried about hair loss or are considering medication for it then we’d be happy here at His Hair Clinic to offer a free confidential consultation.  Just fill out the form to the right or call us on 0121 516 1767


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