What Is Hair Restoration?


The term ‘hair restoration’ is a general phrase used to describe the regeneration of hair on the human scalp.

Whilst hair loss specialists in all fields, including hair transplant surgeons, Propecia retailers and temporary concealer distributors all describe themselves as hair restoration experts, in its literal sense, the only way a treatment can be described as ‘hair restoration’ is if the result is to restore or improve the growth of lost or thinning hair.

Hair transplant clinics shouldn’t strictly be classed as hair restoration specialists, as no hair is actually restored. It is simply removed from a donor site on the patients body, and placed on the scalp to replace lost head hair.

Retailers of temporary concealers and hair systems (wigs) do not fit the classification of ‘hair restoration’ either, as baldness is just covered up, whilst no hair is restored.

Even our own MHT® Micro Hair Technique cannot be described as hair restoration. We use sophisticated scalp pigmentation methods to simulate the appearance of hair, and whilst we are hugely passionate about our results, the process does not involve the restoration of lost or thinning hair.

In reality, the only treatment types that can be accurately described as restoring real hair, are pills puch as Propecia or Procerin, lotions such as Rogaine, and anti-hair loss shampoos such as Nanogen Nanoguard and Revivogen.

At HIS Hair Clinics we recognise that each individual is different, and that whilst one solution may provide benefits for some clients, another solution may be more appropriate for others. Before spending money purchasing such treatments, make sure you examine the evidence for yourself. If you are unable to find reliable, unbiased and unsolicited evidence, there is probably a good reason why.


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