Permanent Make-Up



Generally permanent make-up, also known as semi-permanent make-up or general micro pigmentation treatments, are carried out by women who do not solely focus on treating hair loss and the scalp area. However there are now some make-up practitioners trying to perform scalp tattooing.

Permanent make-up practitioners prodominantly specialise in ladies procedures such as eye liners, lip liners, eye brow enhancements and scar work, particularly relating to the areola area of a female breast following a mastectomy.

Professional permanent make up practitioners are often very highly qualified and skilled in their specialist make-up field and make-up techniques, however they are generally not skilled in performing scalp pigmentation treatment. Scalp tattooing is a very advanced and sophisticated treatment requiring specialist skills that have generally been refined and established with many years of specific training and practice.

We are aware of one particular hair tattoo company that is trying to grow by employing the services of permanent make-up artists on a profit share basis to offer hair tattooing in various countries around the world. We strongly advise against the use of a person who is not suitably qualified to perform a procedure that is often life changing in nature. We recommend that whenever considering treatment that you check thoroughly the background of both the company and the individual performing the procedure, and if you are in any doubt, do not allow the procedure to be carried out. It is your head, and your future.

Although HIS are fully qualified to carry out permanent make-up procedures we do not offer this type of cosmetic enhancement any more as we chose to put all of our skills and energy into helping hair loss sufferers. Should you wish to receive a permanent make-up treatment we can put you in touch with some of the best practitioners in the world with whom we have had the pleasure of training with many years ago.


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