Top 3 Reasons Why Cameron Diaz Is Still A Superstar


Cameron Diaz, the award-winning actress, disappeared from public life 5 years ago. She has just given her first interview since then, reminding us why we fell in love with her. Here are our top 3 reasons why Cameron Diaz is still a superstar.


Cameron Diaz

Today Cameron Diaz is nearing 50, reflecting no doubt on a life well played. She joined the Elite model agency at the age of 16 and toured the world. From there she seamlessly transitioned to actress and made her mark in Hollywood, on her way to becoming Hollywood royalty and collecting awards for her critically acclaimed talent. 5 years ago she took the decision to step down and leave Hollywood in her mirrors, Well, not completely, she does still live in Beverley Hills. But these days, according to her first interview in years, given to Instyle magazine, she revels in the freedom of having nothing to pitch, sell or hawk. Of living out of the glare of public life and needing to offer no clues as to what she does with her time.

Here are our three top reasons for saying that Cameron Diaz is a superstar: 

She Married A Short Bald Bloke From A Rock Band

It might not be everybody’s choice as the outstanding reason for declaring Cameron a superstar, and it is not just because we see the world through a hair loss lens. This supermodel turned Hollywood beauty chose to marry outside of convention. Benji Madden might be in a rock band but he is far from the typical choice for acting royalty. Short and overweight, not to mention balding with a tattooed scalp, there can be little doubt they married for love. They have enjoyed 5 years together which surely testify to Cameron’s ability to separate aesthetics from personality 

A True Acting Talent

Cameron debuted in The Mask back in 1994. Her career would peak with a brilliant performance in There’s Something About Mary, for which she won a Golden Globe. Bad Teacher in 2011 saw her receive the second biggest cheque in Hollywood female history, only outstripped 6 years later by the ridiculously wealthy Sandra Bullock. 

She Walked Away

Statistically, it happens so rarely that it might be considered an aberration. Such is the allure of Hollywood, the fame and power, that once in its grip nobody walks away through their own choice. Other than Cameron, we can only think of one other actor who similarly walked away at their peak. Daniel Day-Lewis notoriously hated the environment and couldn’t wait to hang up his boots and retire. But with Cameron you get the impression, having made huge amounts of money and given up half of her life, she just wanted to try something different.

HIS Hair Clinic

There is no doubt about it, Cameron Diaz is still a superstar. She brought that quirky and energetic charisma to the screen and it made her very wealthy indeed. But when it comes to key life decisions she really cannot be faulted. Marrying for love and possessing the self-confidence and whatever else it takes to walk away from Hollywood at the same time, impressive. Still, our first thought, when she comes to mind, is an image of Benji. Her short, slightly overweight, balding, and obviously great, husband. To read her full interview please click here to visit the Instyl site. 

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