Hair Loss Trolls Given Police Warning


Police in the UK got an unexpected reaction to a plea for help when they released a wanted picture. Leading to thousands of hair loss trolls given police warning. We look closer. 


Wanted Image Featured Hair Loss

Police in Wales, on the Gwent force, regularly post images of men and women that they are seeking to bring into custody. Sometimes in connection with an ongoing situation but also because they have breached conditions of a prison release. This was the case with Jermaine Taylor who had been serving a three-year term for supply of cocaine. It was just your common and garden variety headshot but the police could have had no idea what was to follow.

Anyone looking at that image would find it hard not have their eyes drawn straight to Taylor’s hair. If he had done nothing to style it he would present as a Norwood scale 5/6.

Hair Loss Shaming

Unfortunately for Taylor, or least for his chances of remaining at large, he decided to ‘do something’, as a hairdresser might say, with his hair. His approach to extensive hair loss was individual, to say the least. He grew what hair he had to a length of around 4 inches then combed it into a vertical shape. It gives the appearance, front on as in a mugshot, of his having a pair of hairy, wide, flat-topped horns.

The highly unusual approach to hair loss management got a huge reaction. 90,000 people replied to the request for information. Not one of them with anything helpful. Instead, the police page was loaded with attempts at humour. “He was last seen in town, police are combing the area,” was one, “Push his release date back further than his hairline that should teach him” was another. “He’s vanished into thin hair” said yet another. 

Hair Loss Trolls Given Police Warning

Gwent police did not see the funny side. Still unable to track down their fugitive, they posted again to the page. This time it was to warn anyone against stepping over the line saying “If you say something that about someone which is grossly offensive or is of an indecent, obscene or menacing character, then you could be investigated by the police.”

This prompted more mirth from posters. “Can’t work out what’s thinner, “This guy’s hair or Gwent police’s skin.” was one comment, “You already lost one criminal. Keep ya hair on” offered someone else, equally unhelpful. 

HIS Hair Clinic

It was a remarkably 21st-century event, which ended up covering a lot of ground. Starting out with an everyday moment, the posting of a wanted picture exploding into a social media storm. The reaction of the men in uniform sadly out of step with the community they are trying to talk to. Then there is the instant celebrity status for Taylor. No doubt should Gwent police ever catch up with him there will be a queue of eager talent scouts waiting to sign him up for the next reality TV show.

Of course, should he just want to go to ground, then maybe Scalp Micropigmentation might offer him a degree of blending in that he is currently struggling to achieve. 

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