The New York Start-Up That’s Cutting the Cost of Hair Loss Pills


buy-cheapA new e-commerce New York start-up known as Blink Health, is causing a stir in the prescription drug industry, offering products at much lower prices than its competitors. Most notably, it is rivalling top drug Viagra, offering a much cheaper solution at a fraction of the cost. It isn’t just Viagra that’s feeling the pressure. The company is also cutting the cost of hair loss pills.

Making hair restoration more affordable

Blink Health has started offering the popular male baldness treatment, Generic Propecia, at just 67 cents per pill. In most places the pills sell for $2.74 each. When you compare the costs it’s a no brainer that consumers are going to start turning to this new start up for their regular prescriptions.

Generic Propecia is a common brand of Finasteride. This is one of the few treatments offered for male pattern baldness that has proven to be effective at restoring the hair. It’s approved by the FDA and can easily be bought online. However, there are a lot of fraudulent online pharmacies out there selling fad pills claiming to be Generic Propecia. So you do need to be careful where you buy it from.

The importance of seeking advice before taking hair loss medication

While it’s fantastic news the price of hair loss pills is being cut thanks to the new start-up, it’s going to no doubt attract more men looking to solve their hair loss problem. It’s important before you take any hair loss drugs, to seek advice from your doctor.

There are many things that could be contributing to the problem. For example, it could be medically related. If it is, drugs such as Generic Propecia, won’t have any effect and could in fact make the problem worse.

It’s also worth pointing out that hair loss drug treatments won’t work for certain types of hair loss. While they can be extremely effective at encouraging healthy hair growth, they are unlikely to fix problems such as hair shaft breakage.

Overall it’s vital you get the cause of your hair loss diagnosed by a doctor before you even think about possible treatments. It could be you need to invest in a more permanent solution such as a hair transplant or SMP. Of course, the new low prices of the Generic Propecia drug are only useful to those living in America. However, it is still available in the UK so you could ask your doctor or hair loss expert if it’s likely to work for you.


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