Successful Bald Men


Jason_Statham_2007Male baldness may be a common sign of ageing, but that doesn’t stop the feeling of devastation for many men. When you begin to lose your healthy, full head of hair it can trigger a significant drop in confidence. However, it doesn’t have to ruin your manly appeal. There are many successful bald men who have embraced their hair loss and made it work for them.

Successful bald men who embrace their hair loss

If you need a little inspiration as you start to feel less of a man, you only have to look at top celebrities such as Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and Billy Zane. All three have embraced their baldness without losing their manly demeanour. Not only are these guys looking good, but they’re performing exceptionally well in their careers. It proves that losing your hair doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your life.

Of course, the bald look does suit some people better than others. While Statham may have managed to earn a lucrative career, look fantastic and bag a beautiful model girlfriend, that doesn’t necessarily make other men feel any better. If you just can’t accept and embrace your male pattern baldness, there are procedures you can undergo to try and restore your much loved hair.

Could SMP be the answer?

The most talked about answer to hair loss is a hair transplant. However, not everyone has the cash to pay for this expensive treatment. Another less expensive treatment option available is SMP.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation involves injecting the scalp with specialised pigments to provide a shaven appearance. When you look at the scalp after the treatment from a few inches away, it appears as though there are hair follicles there. However, it’s merely an illusion as what you’re actually seeing is the pigments that have been inserted into the dermal layer of the skin of the scalp.

It takes 2-5 treatments to get the desired results and there are hundreds of different colour pigments to choose from. This means you can achieve a completely natural look which fits your natural hair colour.

Overall whether you choose to embrace your baldness or undergo a permanent fix such as SMP, hair loss doesn’t have to cause psychological distress. It may be a natural part of getting older, but if you’re not ready to accept your thinner, balding spots then you can undergo treatments to regain your confidence.


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