Provillus. What is it?


The Provillus range consists of two products – Provillus Supplement and Provillus liquid.

The Provillus food supplement contains vitamins, minerals and various nutrients. Although the Provillus supplement is in many cases marketed as a product for prevention of hair loss and hair regrowth, like all other hair loss supplements there is no firm clinical evidence to suggest it will be effective to this purpose. The Provillus supplement is not licensed by the MHRA (UK) or approved by the FDA (US) and therefore is not a medically proven treatment for hair loss. There are also no widely known clinical trials having been carried out for these products.

Following research, many UK suppliers of Provillus seem only to offer the supplement, yet advertise the product as ‘containing an FDA Approved ingredient’. The FDA approved ingredient (Minoxidil) is not in fact contained in the supplement, only the liquid. If you are looking to purchase Provillus be sure to check that the liquid is included in your supply, as a significant level of hair loss prevention is unlikely from the supplement alone.

According to the Provillus website, they manufacture a 5% minoxidil liquid for men and 2% concentration for women. Provillus liquid is, in essence, a similar product to Rogaine. Minoxidil, the principle active ingredient in Rogaine, is one of only two products medically licensed in the UK and FDA approved in the USA, the other being Propecia.


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