Nourkrin supplements for hair loss


nourkrinThe best selling natural hair loss treatment of its type in the UK, Nourkrin is a drug free food supplement that claims to promote and stimulate the growth of new hair. Containing the active ingredient marine fish cartilage, otherwise known as glucosamine, Nourkrin also contains other minerals and vitamins thought to be beneficial to hair loss sufferers.

Nourkrin supplements are said to be backed up by a number of clinical studies and trials, which have suggested that it is very effective in stopping hair loss and stimulating the re-growth of new hair. Nourkrin is not a prescription medication, and provided you have no allergies to fish, there should be no side effects.

Trials have shown that Nourkrin can stimulate dormant hair follicles. A study published in the International Journal of Medical Research showed a 38% increase in new hair growth, in 95% of people taking the supplements over a 6 month period. A study in sweden showed a 50% improvement for 9 out of 10 women.

Professor Jan Wadstein, a hair expert at Sweden’s Lund University, says “There is no doubt that marine cartilage has a significant effect on hair growth. For a lot of people, it offers a real difference that they can see and feel when they run their hands through their hair.”

The product range consists of three different supplements, plus a scalp lotion, a shampoo and a conditioner. Nourkrin Extra Strength tablets should be taken by women starting the Nourkrin treatment programme, and Nourkrin Man is formulated for male hair loss sufferers. These should ideally be taken for a six month period, or until positive results are in evidence. Nourkrin Maintain should only be taken after a course of ‘Man’ or ‘Extra Strength’ to maintain the health and body of the hair.

Is Nourkrin worth trying?

Just the same as other hair loss remedies such as Propecia, Dutasteride, Procerin and Advecia, provided no side effects are experienced, it is probably worth trying Nourkrin to see if the solution can work for you. Bear in mind that a period of at least 6 months is required to assess the results for yourself, and if side effects do materialise, you should immediately seek the advice of a doctor or other medical professional.


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