HIS Hair Clinic Sucks? Get the FACTS


HIS Hair Clinic sucks. Apparently. Well, a competitor in the United States certainly seems to think so.

In fact, the “competitor” in question felt so strongly that HIS Hair Clinic sucks, he created a page on CompanyNameSucks.com and posted 7 comments on this page, all on the same day:

his hair clinic sucks


This kind of content has been posted before, and despite the website administrators removing the content on two separate occasions, the competitor in question obviously has time on his hands.

On this occasion, we asked the site owner to leave the page online for all to see, as it demonstrates how low some of our “competitors” are willing to stoop in an attempt to steal business from us.

A few points that anyone reading this page should be aware of:

We are aware of the competitor who has been making these comments, and can prove their origin, as the site owner has provided us with their IP address

It seems rather strange that “multiple” individuals would all post on the same day, all from the same IP address, all with something negative to say, and all using a remarkably similar writing style

If any of these “claims” were genuine, why have they not been posted on established hair loss forums (independent to ours) with photographic evidence to substantiate their claims? If any of us were really in such a situation, wouldn’t we want to publicise the fact with real photos, our location, the clinic we visited and which practitioner completed our treatment? Bearing in mind that anyone can post on these sites with little moderation.

This kind of slander is almost comical. Anyone with half a brain cell who reads the above “review” page will be able to see right through it. For real-life accounts and opinions from existing and prospective clients, the best place is our forum which remains to this day, completely unbiased with minimal moderation.

Our forum members were quick to jump to our defence, as demonstrated by the numerous comments on the above website. A thread was also started by a member in our own forum here:



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