Is Couvre actually any good?


We’ve all seen the spray-on hair commercials on those late night commercials and had a laugh. As far as temporary concealers go however, Couvre is actually quite popular amongst those suffering with hair loss.

couvreCouvre, along with Toppik, are two of the most popular concealers in the world. When you view the before and after photos on both the Couvre and Toppik websites, it is easy to see why so many people use these products.

To be fair, you may be quite suprised by the realistic appearance of hair accomplished by these products. Toppik is applied to the hair, and Couvree is a color application which goes directly on the scalp. The first provides an immediate thickening effect to the hair itself, and the latter helps reduce the appearance of skin under the hair. Those with thinner hair tend to use both products for double the effect.

Couvre (and Toppik) are not without their drawbacks however, and do not suit everyone. For more information see our Temporary Concealers page.


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