Could YOGHURT help you to beat hair loss?


yoghurtYoghurt might be a staple on your breakfast table but did you know that it could help you beat hair loss? Eating the occasional pot of yoghurt isn’t going to make any significant changes to your hair’s health but it has been reported that eating it regularly can help to keep your locks strong and healthy.

Yoghurt & Hair

The real benefit that yoghurt gives your hair is from its protein content. Protein is integral to the growth of hair. A protein deficiency will result in you’re the protein your body would use on hair growth, being diverted elsewhere and thus you’d be left with weaker hair.

Therefore by adding more protein to your diet, you are telling your body there is enough protein to be sent to promote hair growth. Of course, if you already have a good protein intake then any additional protein might not make a significant impact on your hair’s health, but this information is worthwhile knowing for those whose diets might not have the required protein content.

Natural yoghurt can also be used as a hair mask. It helps nourish the scalp, preventing dryness and thus reducing hair loss.

A Proven Alternative

If your hair loss is already surpassed the point where yoghurt could be of benefit, then Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) might be a treatment worth investigating. SMP provides a solution for men struggling with hair loss, out of all the available treatments, few are as effective, immediate and non-invasive.

The SMP process is a highly detailed one: a trained expert performs thousands of micro-injections of pigment into the scalp at various depths and angles, to create a full “buzz cut” look.

The result is an incredibly natural looking simulation of micro hairs and it allows both men and women to embrace their baldness or deal with thinning areas with more confidence. Treatment usually requires 2-3 sessions depending on the extent of the SMP needed but it has been heralded as the ultimate modern solution for hair loss.


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