A barber gives the lowdown on male hair loss

barber's chair

barber's chairHair loss in its various forms can be a distressing and life changing condition for many men with severe reductions in self-worth and image, affecting lifestyle and confidence levels.

It is hardly surprising then that there is such a plethora of treatments and “cures” ranging from respectable and proven procedures such as transplants and micropigmentation to less convincing “snake oil” remedies which claim dubiously magical results.

A practical point of view on treatments

In an article in Esquire this month Andy Brady of London barbers Ruffians offered some down to earth advice on thinning hair and the onset of baldness. He explains that baldness is just a part of the aging process and that it need not be the “end of the world”. Normally it’s a fairly slow process and once the pattern of hair loss has been established it’s possible to take steps to tackle it.

These might involve ointments like Minoxidil which helps to stimulate hair follicles or Finasteride (taken orally) which rebalances hormones and helps prevent hair loss. Finally, he suggests the option of a hair transplant which has a good rate of success but is a serious financial commitment.

What can the barber do?

Alternatively, you could just put yourself in the hands of your barber and embrace the change. A recent report by Philip James Hair Salon has indicated that the crew cut is the most attractive male hair style to the opposite sex on dating sites.

As Andy Brady states, “The best idea is to develop a good relationship with your barber. Most of them know a bit about hair loss, but they will know a lot about what hairstyles work for you and how to make you leave the barber shop feeling better than when you went in.”

Before undergoing any treatment it’s always worth taking as much advice as possible as there isn’t a one size fits all solution to thinning hair. There are many excellent clinics, specialising in hair loss which will be more than happy to talk through the various treatments available but, as a start point, it might be worth having a chat with your barber.


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