Chicago Hairs: former American footballer famous for his bald head undergoes hair transplant and fans follow suit

Brian Urlacher

Brian UrlacherChicago Bears veteran footballer, Brian Urlacher, was famous for his tough, heavyweight demeanour, and his bald head simply heightened his masculinity. Recognisable for years by his bronze dome, the sight of Urlacher sporting a much gentler, hairy-headed appearance, came as a great surprise to his many fans and followers.

Style role model for younger sports fans

As much as Urlacher may have shocked and surprised social media commentators with his newly grown hair, there are just as many men, if not more, who felt quietly inspired to seek treatment themselves. Jordan Sadoff’s hair restoration clinic, Restore by Katona, has seen unprecedented inquiries since Urlacher showed off his new look.

He adds that more, younger men are seeking hair restoration treatments in the wake of Urlacher’s revelation, and Dr Katona’s waiting list is longer than it has been in 17 years of business.

How does the treatment work?

Dr Katona took thousands of follicular units of hair from the back of Urlacher’s head – an area that typically resists the onslaught of male pattern baldness – and painstakingly transplanted them to his crown and hairline.

After a year of hat wearing to conceal the procedure from public scrutiny, during which time the scalp is able to recover and the hair follicles go through their natural growth cycle, Urlacher was able to reveal a full head of hair to curious fans.

Urlacher says he is pretty happy with his new hair, saying that he now feels like he looks more his age than he used to. The couple extra minutes it takes for his hair to dry, or to comb his hair, can be a drag, though.


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