Brits step up to the hair loss challenge


Flag_-_Union_FlagOxford Biolabs, a nutraceutical company based in Oxford, are doing their bit for British hair loss after releasing a new topical lotion and capsule range. TRX2 contains 100% naturally based substances and aims to promote the growth of normal, healthy hair by reactivating potassium ion channels within hair follicles.

It is now considered by many to be a reliable treatment for both men and women’s hair loss, but what exactly does the dual treatment involve?

TRX2 Molecular Food Supplement

The molecular food supplement is a capsule that has been designed to promote healthy hair growth and inhibit hair loss by rectifying how potassium ion channels function in your hair follicles. The capsules are a drug-free formulation and have become a trusted for individuals experiencing hair loss in over 100 countries and its success also resulted in the release of the TRX2 topical solution.

TRX2 Hair Revitalising Lotion

The topical solution is the newest product from the TRX2 Molecular Hair Regimen product range. It provides users with the opportunity to maintain healthy hair externally as well as internally when combined with the food supplement capsules. The solution comes in a bottle with a pipette dropper that allows for controlled use.

The user must apply the lotion directly to the areas of thinning hair twice a day for best results. By doing this you allow the active ingredients to work and promote the growth of healthy hair.

Will It Work For You?

We have long known that a multi-pronged approach to hair loss is one of the best ways to help prevent it and promote new growth. Simply using a lotion might help stem the tide of hair loss but by not providing your body with the nutrients it needs, you might merely be stemming the tide.

The TRX2 combined approach of capsules and lotion helps give you an internal and external solution to help prevent hair loss and promote healthy growth. Combine these with a healthy lifestyle and diet, and you could be well on your way to a healthier and fuller head of hair. Only time will tell, however, and if your hair loss is already past the preventative stage, it might be worth investigating these treatment options.


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