Beverly Hills Surgeon Seeking “Perfect” Hair Transplant


A top Beverly Hills surgeon is currently investigating a one-step follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique which could revolutionise the hair transplant industry. Currently, the two-step ARTAS transplantgraft extraction method is the most advanced technique available. It is thought the combination of FUE and ARTAS will produce much more effective results and also increase the amount of men who can be treated each year.

Understanding the new FUE technique

The new FUE technique is being investigated by founder of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, Dr. Parsa Mohebi. Together with the  creators, he is hoping to develop the one-step system.

The newer FUE technique is set to enable patients to benefit from 4000 Robotic FUE grafts in just one session. Not only does this mean the treatment takes less time, but more importantly it helps to provide more efficient, precise results. It’s set to offer a “perfect hair” transplant, capable of being performed at triple the speed of the existing method.

What is the ARTAS technique?

As mentioned, Dr. Mohebi is working with the creators of the currently most advanced hair restoration technique, ARTAS. This method uses a technologically advanced image-guided robotic arm. What truly sets this technique apart is the fact that it uses a number of 3D microscopic cameras which enable the surgeon to see the hair follicles clearly, along with the sides and back of the scalp. It also utilises specialist imaging software.

How soon will the new technique be available?

It’s likely the new technique won’t be available for at least another couple of years. At the moment it is simply being investigated. If the technique is successfully created, it would then need to be approved and trialed. There’s also the fact that it’s most likely only going to be available in America to begin with, so unless you’re willing to travel, it’s going to be a long time before you can benefit from it in the UK.

The good news is there are treatments available right now that have proven to help restore hair growth. When searching for the right treatment, be aware that there are a lot of fake products and treatments out there which won’t provide any results.

Overall, you should always research any treatment you’re interested in trying thoroughly beforehand. This new hair transplant technique would certainly revolutionise the industry, though don’t expect it to be available any time soon.


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