Beard transplant: the facts


BeardHairy faces have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with high profile men like Brad Pitt sporting the hirsute look like post-Apocalypse survivors looking for a home. As I sit here in the local rugby clubhouse waiting for my son to finish his training, I count two bearded waiters in once glance, neither of them more than twenty years old.

These guys have got the growth and coverage to make the look really rock, but what if it takes you days to grow a little stubble and it’s months before those patches get covered up by inch-long beard hair? That’s where the beard transplant comes in real handy – if your bearded image is important enough for you sign up for one.

The facts about beard transplants

Here are some basic facts about beard transplants that might help you to make a decision:

1. Originally developed to provide facial hair for men who have facial scarring from extreme acne or burns injuries, the beard transplant has become the answer to the less fortunate beard growers among us.

2. A beard transplant is not much different from the well-established hair transplant. Donor hair for a beard can come from the scalp, or if androgenetic alopecia has already ravaged your pate, chest hair is the next best thing.

3. Although it’s called a beard transplant, few cosmetic procedures actually involve transplanting an entire beard. Patches can be filled, or a goatee or side-burns can be designed, and you can even achieve the perfect moustache with the help of some donor hair and a skilful surgeon.

4. A beard transplant is permanent. You may worry at first that nothing’s happening – it’s not growing, or worse still, some of it seems to have just fallen out. Fear not: the hair follicle has a three month life-cycle which includes a resting and shedding phase. Growth will resume after the shedding phase.

5. It takes about ten days for the recipient site for your procedure to heal up. It’s important to leave the tiny crust to heal and fall off themselves without any help from you. You risk picking those expensive little hair follicles off and ruining your transplant!

Can you handle it?

Now you know the facts about beard transplants, is it a procedure you would choose? Comment below to let us know your thoughts..


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