Why we go bald: the evolutionary reasons for hair loss

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Why we go bald: evolutionary reasons for hair loss

Why we go bald: evolutionary reasons for hair lossFor at least 80% of men hair loss is an inevitable part of the ageing process by the time they hit 50. Even by mid 30s 60% of men are experiencing the onset of balding and it can be a bitter pill to swallow. Gone are the hirsute days of youth to be replaced by a slow decline into old age. Put like that it does sound a depressing subject but, actually there’s plenty of research to show that far from getting down about going bald, men should welcome it.

Go bald and improve your social standing

When considered in evolutionary terms then, going bald should be a good thing given that it affects the majority of men. After all it is survival of the fittest. A study carried out at Barry University several years ago asked people to rate bald men on a variety of characteristics and what emerged was particularly high ratings for social maturity and diplomacy with much lower ratings for aggressiveness.

The leader of the study, Dr Muscarella said: “All of these rating were consistent with the idea that baldness evolved to signal a form of non-threatening social dominance.”. Whilst superficially the ratings for attractiveness were lower there are other studies which show women are attracted to men of high social standing, possibly explaining how the baldness genes are passed on.

Reduced chance of cancer

In addition to the increased perception of social dominance there’s also some evidence from the University of Washington School of Medicine to suggest that bald men are much less likely to develop prostate cancer, up to 45% less in fact.

So, going bald actually could be a good thing for your social standing, appeal to the opposite sex and even your health. If you really can’t stand that shiny pate though it is possible to temper it with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). It’s an increasingly popular treatment for men of all ages who want to keep a short buzz cut style.

In fact, SMP is layered pigments that create a frighteningly realistic illusion of hair but without any of the hassle. Perhaps you’ll get the best of all worlds, maturity, social standing whilst still retaining a hint of youthful exuberance.


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