Why the recession has left us receding

General Hair Loss

41% of the UK population are reported to have lost hair due to the stresses of the economic downturn. Loss of jobs is causing loss of hair for this staggering number of Brits, according to new research.

Money worries and anxiety are responsible for this huge increase in hair loss. For those who haven’t lost their jobs, stress and tiredness are causing hair to fall out as job losses have meant work is more demanding than ever.

8 tips for a healthy crown

GO FOR THE CHOP: First and foremost, the secret to long, thick healthy hair is strong hair. Trim off any split ends you may have.
No matter what a product claims, nothing will repair split ends except a trim. If split ends are left uncut, they will continue to split up the shaft and damage more of your hair. Get rid of them to keep the damage to a minimum.

WASH DAILY: You should wash your barnet every day. This keeps the scalp clean and creates a healthier environment for your hair to grow.

COLD RINSE: If you use cooler water to wash and rinse your hair it closes up the hair cuticles, locking in moisture which creates amazing shine and softness.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT BRUSH: Never brush hair when it is still wet as this will create breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb and brush from the ends up to the top.
You can also buy detangler sprays to help keep hair knot-free. Buy a new brush every now and then, too. It should have all the teeth. If there are some missing it can lead to damage.

DRY NATURALLY: It’s best to let your hair dry on its own. If you do need heat make sure you use a heat-protection spray first. If you don’t, it’s like putting an iron straight on to your skin.

SUN PROTECTION: We all think about our skin in the sun but lots of us forget about our hair. When you expose your hair to the sun it can dry the outside layer removing moisture making it look dull.
You can buy products now that have UVA and UVB filters to protect the hair from the sun and the sea if you go swimming. Some people think a hat is enough but it’s not.

EAT WELL: Your nutrition is essential in making your hair look young and vibrant. Eat plenty of protein – milk, fish, nuts and eggs – and essential fatty acids, which are found in olive oil and walnuts.

GET HELP: You need to see a registered consultant trichologist. Make sure you don’t see someone who has only had four days of training and calls themselves a “hair doctor”.


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