When does male pattern baldness usually start?

General Hair Loss

Many men ask themselves on a daily basis one very important question. They keep wondering when will come the day when they will lose their hair.

Aging is one of the main causes for going bald and this is one of its main symptoms. Dr Alan Bauman, who is an expert in hair loss, says that the main factor that causes hair loss is genetics. However, it is never certain whether you would start losing hair at the same age as your parents. Many other factors are involved in this process such as smoking, stress, taking different medications and many more.

When would losing hair begin?

Only time will tell. You can never know when this is about to happen unless it actually happens. Male pattern baldness cannot be associated with a specific age. However, the older you get the greater the chance of losing your hair will be. The chance of losing hair increases from 20% when you are in your twenties up to 50% when you are in your fifties. It is generally said that the chance is getting bigger with ten percent every ten years of your life.

The onset of male pattern hair loss

How do men lose hair?

The men usually lose their hair in the so called male pattern baldness. It means that the first areas of your scalp that would start to recede are your temple and crown. Then the process in the temple is accelerated until you get a bald spot there. The patch will go on growing until the whole top of your head is hairless.

What are the causes for hair loss?

Scientists usually blame the breakdown products of testosterone – the so called male hormone. Its products cause the hair follicles to stop growing hairs.

Who are the risk groups?

Usually the genes are what defines whether someone would go bald or not. However, the fact that your father is bald does not necessarily mean that you will also get bald. The only way you can be certain is by having your genes tested and check whether you have those ‘bad’ genes.

What about the other factors?

As it was already mentioned, a lot of other side factors may affect the hair loss process. Excessive stress, smoking, age, different medicines, bad diet, sleep deprivation and many more can also accelerate the process.

What are the available treatments?

There are some supplements that can be used in order to try to prevent hair loss. However, there is never a guarantee that they would work for everyone. The only way to treat permanently a hair loss problem is by hair transplant, or with scalp micropigmentation.



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