The undeniable link between male hair loss and confidence

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Confidence is something really fragile and even very minor changes to the way we look, or the way we feel might totally ruin it. Having high self-confidence is crucial nowadays because everyone will be trying to get you down and you are the one that has to stand up and fight for what is yours. However, you cannot do this if you have low self-confidence.

One’s confidence is determined by a huge variety of factors – the way you were treated as a child, the way you looked as a child, the way you look now, the way you see the world as a whole and many more. We cannot affect all of these factors because not all of them are up to us. But we can affect some of them – our looks, for example.

You have probably wondered why hair is so important for us, why it is so important to our confidence. The answer probably lies in the fact that people who are bald, or have lost some of their hair look different. And as we all know well, our society doesn’t like the different ones or at least treats them differently. That is why people feel obliged to have as perfect hair as it is even possible. Another possible answer to this question is the fact that one’s hair and haircut can totally change the way they look. All of us have at least one friend that has had both very short and very long hair. And we have felt as if we are looking at two completely different people.

After it was mentioned that we can actually do something in order to improve our looks, then probably more on this topic should be said. In order to make our hair look thicker and better as a whole we can do quite a lot of things. The easiest method is to buy a wig that might totally change the appearance of our scalp. However, this is not a very appropriate method because it is quite easy to tell whether someone is wearing a wig or this is their natural hair. What’s more, it is not appropriate for those that love practicing active sports that involve a lot of movements. During these sports activities your wig might fall off and you would feel even more embarrassed.

The other widespread method for improving the looks of one’s hair is hair transplantation. Even though this is a relatively expensive procedure, it offers good results in some cases and the success rate of this type of procedures is quite high. Your new good looking hair would shortly be paired with your new high self-confidence that would in turn improve all other aspect of your life.

Confidence is something really important, and as it was already said, it can determine a great part of our lives. That is why we should do everything we can in order to maintain it and boost it as often as possible.

If you’re looking for a confidence boost without surgery, you should consider what scalp micropigmentation could offer. The procedure is non-invasive and offers permanent, guaranteed results. For more information learn more about our treatment, or browse our video library.


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