What About About Those Eyebrows?

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Rarely discussed on here the quality of our eyebrows are definitely a concern for many. An article on Fuss.com highlighted the problem for us and offered at least one solution. Or did it?


What Are Eyebrows For?


You could be forgiven for thinking that eyebrows are just for show, given the amount of time given up to plucking preening and shaping them. The fact is there is not much that a million years of evolution has left us which is purely for show. Eyebrows perform a number of important, vital even, functions. If aliens were studying a human they would understand their function in channeling away sweat and rain from our eyes. They might not realise their importance in non-verbal communication, in expressing surprise anger or happiness. This is at it’s most obvious when watching people communicate using sign language where the eyebrows are used to complement the hand signals. Those aliens would have very little chance of appreciating the importance of eyebrows when it comes to recognising one another either, to be fair it is not well understood by most people. In fact, a study by MIT back in 2003 showed volunteers photographs of a man very well known to them, former President Richard Nixon. In one image the eyes were photo-shopped out, in the other it was the eyebrows that were removed… you won’t be surprised to learn that it was the absent eyebrows that caused more people to fail to recognize “tricky Dicky”. It turns out that eyebrows are a vital piece of the puzzle for our brains to be able to identify others.

All these things go on in the background of course, subliminal events that happen without our being aware. So no wonder our impression of eyebrows is that they are important only as a part of our appearance. Men will trim them to keep them in check, maybe take a razor to what is universally known, and reviled, as the mono-brow. Creating two eyebrows from one by removing a narrow channel above the bridge of the nose. For women the procedures are incredibly more complicated and eyebrows are treated to all the attention levels other largely blank areas for male grooming receive… fingernails for example. Eyebrows are constantly manipulated with tweezers and highlighted with make-up to enhance them to their very best. Some have gone a step further and had their own removed in favour of what is known as semi-permanent make-up, a pretty permanent commitment to perfectly shaped eyebrows that are applied in a process not entirely dissimilar to Scalp Micropigmentation.

Alchemy Oils

Alchemy brow remedy

Alchemy make a range of oils aimed at this niche in the market. One is dedicated to eyebrows but they have alternatives for hair and for beards. On the label of their Peppermint Brow Remedy it claims to stimulate growth and thicken your eyebrows. The review on The Fuss website (see it here) credited it with smelling nice, of peppermint, and of being suitable for vegans. It even said it leaves your eyebrows looking healthier by moisturising the skin beneath… but it makes a dismissive assessment of the product’s ability to stimulate growth, listing it among the cons.

HIS Hair Clinic

It seems bushier fuller eyebrows are aspirational for many. in much the same way as a quiff is a hairdo too far for many male hair loss sufferers.

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