Is there a link between hair loss and height?

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Is there a link between hair loss and height?

Is there a link between hair loss and height?Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. As if it’s not bad enough coming to terms with the fact that we’ve stopped growing and we’re shorter than all your friends it now turns out that we’ve also got an increased chance of balding too. According to recent research from the University of Bonn, Germany, this link between restricted and hair loss can be proven.

Large body of evidence to link height and baldness

The research was based on samples of genetic material from 22,500 men from seven countries around the world and the results found over 60 changes to DNA that can increase the chance of going prematurely bald with androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). In particular, the research uncovered four areas of the DNA which showed a clear link between body height and hair loss.

Plenty of treatments available

Fortunately, the research suggests that the increased chance is relatively minimal and to put it into context more than 50% of all men (regardless of height) will have started to go bald to some extent by the time that they’re 50 anyway.

Whatever your body shape there’s also a range of great and effective treatments for baldness so there’s no need to despair. Have a look online or visit a specialist hair loss clinic, who will be able to advise you on the best treatment from hair transplantation to scalp micropigmentation.

It’s not all bad for the vertically and follically challenged amongst us either. As the Study’s co-author Prof.Markus Nothen pointed out “we have found links to light skin colour and increased bone density. These could indicate that men with hair loss are better able to synthesize vitamin D” so at least when the sun shines on us we can make the best of it, just remember to put some high factor sun cream on the bald patch.


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