UK Woman Credits Shampoo As Her Alopecia Cure

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Last week in the UK the Daily Mail bought us the story of a UK woman in her forties who found her own alopecia miracle cure on the supermarket shelf. We look closer.


Belinda’s Story

Belinda Clarke, from Swindon in England’s South West, is 44 years old and has suffered almost her whole life from stress associated with her alopecia. From the age of 4, when a traumatic event triggered the condition for the first time, Belinda has had to cope with bald patches that progressively got worse until she became almost completely bald. Her difficulties began when she started primary school where she was bullied and called “baldy.” A tough start for a young girl and Belinda took to wearing a wig or putting in clips to cover her patches.

As she grew up with the condition she took to wearing a baseball cap if she had to venture out, but rarely beyond the local shops. A wig would give her enough confidence to attend family events, but over time these became her only excursions.

A Simple Solution

Fast forward to September, 2016, and Belinda was browsing E-Bay and decided to look for hair loss treatments. This is when she discovered the UK based Watermans products. She gave their shampoo and conditioner a go and the results were emphatic.

In her own words; “I started using on my bald head in September 2016 and within only three to four weeks I actually noticed tiny hair growth all over my head. Feeling very positive I continued using these products three times a week and by 6 months of doing this I had a full head of hair. My hair is a lot thicker and stronger than it’s ever been and I hardly lose any hair now.”

HIS Hair Clinic

A rare and wonderfully redemptive story from a woman who has clearly suffered terribly at the hands of a condition that is notoriously difficult to manage. We were delighted for her. That said, we do not want anyone to confuse this with an advertorial.. if Waterman’s worked for everyone there would be more alopecia. The ingredients list on both their shampoo and conditioner is incredibly long and who knows what it was about them that resolved Belinda’s condition… it is definitely not for anyone who insists on environmentally sound products either, most of those ingredients are distinctly chemical in nature. Whatever, hats off to Belinda and our best wishes for a permanent cure. You can see the original Mail article here.

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