16 Reasons You Might Be Losing Hair

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No less a journal than the Readers Digest has offered a surprisingly high 16 reasons for losing hair that are mostly treatable. Read on.


Readers Digest

This informative general-interest family magazine has been on the shelves for nearly 100 years. It’s enduring appeal, it is still achieving over 2.5M in circulation for it’s 10 editions a year, is founded on broad coverage of life, the universe and everything. Fans will tell you the articles are well-written and researched… which is why we saw fit to share some detail.

16 Reasons

In fact, there is nothing new in these 16 reasons.. it just came as a surprise that there were this many. Some, like having a baby, hormonal imbalances and taking birth control pills, only or predominantly affect women. Others, diet, stress or an underlying illness, can affect anyone at any time. Some medicines can trigger hair loss, particularly retinols (which pop up in anti acne cream).

Hair styling, braids tight ponytails etc, along with the chemicals you let hairdressers apply to your locks can also cause problems. On the subject of hairdressers.. those tools which use heat are also damaging. One more on the list of things to be avoided is the girl-in-a-hurry’s dry shampoo… which can clog follicles and again cause permanent damage over time.

Trichotillimania is a psychological condition that sees people compulsively tug at their hair to leave patches… unchecked it can cause permanent damage to the follicles.

That takes us to 13. Easy wasn’t it. From the Digest list it leaves us iron deficiency, wearing hats and inadequate sun protection.

HIS Hair Clinic

It is a long list of ways to damage your own hair. Fortunately all of these are treatable, either through a lifestyle change or with a visit to a doctor or dermatologist.

In truth, we think the list might have stopped at 14… we are far from convinced that wearing hats is an issue, and suspect that “sun protection” for your hair, supposedly to protect the cuticles from UV damage, is simply a marketing gimmick from one or two of those hair care giants looking for ways to peddle expensive new products you didn’t know you needed… probably because you don’t. Of course that is just our opinion. Read the original article here.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete the contact form at the side of this page. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.



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