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Anthony Smith is an unlikely candidate to have found the cure for hair loss, but he has been working on it for over twenty years and claiming success. Really?


The Process Of Experimentation

Anthony Smith spent his working life at North Thames Gas, a UK utility provider, where he worked in a lab. He was not a chemist but credits his time spent in that lab with fostering an interest in what he calls the process of experimentation.

When he took voluntary retirement in 1994 his plan was fairly simple, to spend more time in his garden and to work on his  formula for a hair loss solution. Basing his concoctions on “natural ingredients” he would give each new variation a three month trial, after which it would be abandoned in favour of a newer version. Abandoned that is unless it was shown to grown hair. We can only imagine that after 24 years, which the maths tells us is getting on for 100 variations to have been tested so far, he applied his most recent. And everything changed.

They Could Make A Fortune

In Anthony’s own words, “Men have been looking for hair restorer for how many years? This is the sort of thing if a firm got hold of it they could make a fortune.” It turns out he has high hopes for the latest version of his formula, claiming it has regrown hair at the front of his head where it had previously been completely bald. At the moment he describes the results as baby hairs, their diminutive size and light colour being given as the reason they are not visible in photographs. Anthony is completely undeterred by the modest results, and who can blame him after all those attempts that returned zero. “… one day I shall have a full head of hair.” he declared.

HIS Hair Clinic

We applaud Anthony Smith’s determination and dedication. 24 years is an incredible amount of time to give to a project that never once, until the very end, gave him any sort of encouragement. Our thanks go to his local paper, the Epsom Guardian, for bringing this story to our attention. Click here to see their original article.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete the contact form at the side of this page. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.



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