The Early Signs of Hair Loss And Where To Find Them

General Hair Loss

Here are some key facts around how and when hair loss might begin, along with vital information on how to be on the lookout for those critical early signs. 


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There can be many triggers to hair loss. While several of those are temporary in nature, post-partum hair loss for example where a new mother can expect to lose hair as the hormones in her body return to normal, the most important one is not.  Androgenetic alopecia, better known as pattern baldness, is hair loss of the inherited variety. It will affect the majority of people during their lifetime, men and women, but the time and speed of its onset will vary wildly. A few men will lose almost all their hair very quickly while still in their teens. A few others will lose some in their forties, then no more for decades. The majority are somewhere in between. Just the same, the journey does follow a predictable course and there are precautions that you can take which will make a difference.

What To Look Out For

The problem is that it takes more than the usual attention to be on the lookout for hair loss. Because you wash and style your hair regularly, you are probably attuned to changes in its condition. The seasons can trigger changes, as can changes to our diet. But these are not the changes you need to watch out for. Men will lose their hair from the temples and crowns, to begin with. So pay extreme attention to the area of the hairline where the frontal meets the side, just above the outer edge of your eyebrow.  If you wait till you can notice the thinning on top of your head, you may find you are already substantially receded. An unfortunate issue of perspective makes it much easier to be seen, in its early stages, by a third party… as opposed to looking at yourself in a mirror. 

If you have any concerns that you might be seeing hair loss in this region you can start by checking your comb. You will typically shed 100 hairs a day. 

HIS Hair Clinic

Adding that simple widow’s peak check to your styling routine might just give you the edge and allow you to spot your own hair loss at the earliest opportunity. Which, in turn, will give you the best chance of identifying hair loss solutions that work for you.                                         

  If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.                                         




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