Razor Ruddock Puts Hair Loss On His To Do List

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Neil Ruddock, affectionately known as Razor from his football playing days, has gone under the knife to address his hair loss. It is part of a bigger story around how his health has forced him into some dramatic changes. We look closer.


Razor Ruddock

Razor was a footballer from the old days. The sort of rugged and totally uncompromising central defender that every team needed when the rules on physical contact were much more relaxed than those that are applied these days. He started out at the notoriously tough Millwall, moving on to play briefly for Southampton and Spurs before getting his move to Liverpool. He would spend 5 seasons at the world famous club before moving on to West Ham Utd for a couple more. A series of smaller clubs featured in the twilight of his playing career, a period remembered by most fans as a time when his sheer size, previously an attribute, got the better of him. He won just the one England cap, a lack of pace holding him back at that level, and was once voted as the 17th hardest footballer of all time. 

Substance Over Style

On the pitch, you knew where you stood with Razor. Off the pitch, he was always at the centre of everything, a life and soul of the party type of character. In the card schools and out late with the boys, the sort of bloke that used to be called “a man’s man.”

That partying lifestyle caught up with him however. Last year he featured in a reality TV show, it bought together a group of retired English footballers for a game against a set of German footballers of the same vintage. The manager appointed to take care of the English lads was a managerial legend, Harry Redknapp. Harry took one look at the grossly overweight Razor and sent him to the doctor for a check-up. The news was not good. Razor was found to have serious cholesterol issues which, aligned with a family history of heart problems, was enough for him to be put on immediate medication and to receive a warning… clean up your act or you might die suddenly and soon. As father to two young daughters this came as a blow, but it was a message he took seriously.

Change Of Plan

Razor’s wife, Leah, played a huge role in turning his lifestyle around and he began to lose weight at a respectable speed. But it seems Leah had her eyes on more than just the weighing scales. She encouraged Razor to take a wider look at his appearance and to do something about his hair loss, which she confessed to him she was not a big fan of. So following in the footsteps of several high profile players, Wayne Rooney prime among them, Razor got himself along to a surgeon for an operation he described as “a walk in the park.” It was no small task either, with Razor starting out as a Norwood 6/7 there was a great deal of bald area to cover. 

HIS Hair Clinic

Razor seems to have responded to the alarm bells set off by his visit to the doctor, no doubt deciding to do something about his hair loss is a part of that process. One that might have been pushed into a surgeon’s appointment due to his wife’s insistence. It remains to be seen how successful the surgery will be, compared to some other recent celebrity treatments, Razor is older and presented as a more challenging case given the degree of hair loss. We wish him every success of course, and stand ready should he realise that Scalp Micropigmentation should have been his male pattern baldness treatment of choice. 

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.   


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