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Claims of breakthroughs in hair loss are common enough, but there was enough about this one to make us look closer. Much closer.


Stop The Press

During our regular trawl of the hair loss universe we are used to ploughing through press releases for “new” or “revolutionary” products, and rarely disappointed. Usually the find has been published in a part of the world where regulation is yet to catch up with rogue marketeers selling snake oil hair loss solutions to an unsuspecting but desperate public. More often than not these days the offer revolves around the new sciences of gene technology in one form or another. The rest, as was the case for this breakthrough, rely on trusted herbal remedies rebranded as lifesavers for our hair.

What caught our eye about this press release was that although it was penned and published from India the company involved were US based. In the Big Apple no less. Sayar Care, on their website, declare themselves to believe in science working together with the natural world. Which is nice. They also say they don’t use temporary solutions, found by randomly combining molecules. Which is baffling. Then they add that they believe in craft beer as a tool. Which might explain things a little.

So What Is The Breakthrough

We will keep you in suspense a little longer before explaining that one. But their product contains a simple blend of essential oils. Some of which have been clinically tested and shown to have beneficial properties, none of which in any combination have been shown to compete with Minoxidil as hair loss prevention… a claim made in the press release. It is that bold claim that took us to the company site for more information – Looking for more details on their clinically tested breakthrough in hair loss as effective as minoxidil.

Our breakthrough moment came when we found the disclaimer… which may well be accessible from the home page of the site but we could not find where. Fortunately Google came good and we can provide this link – essentially it declares, under their limitation of warranties, that they do not warrant that the medical information on this website is complete, true, accurate, up-to-date, or non-misleading.

HIS Hair Clinic

Another press release, another disappointment. That disclaimer is quite incredible. The product might smell nice though, you might enjoy the  experience of using it… so if the price is right for you please add it to your routine with our blessing… there is nothing in there that would do you harm. But you probably shouldn’t hold out too much hope for it improving the state of your hair loss, it doesn’t sound like the folk at Sayar are putting too much faith in it.

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