Taiwanese men lose hair earlier than most

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Taiwanese men lose hair earlier than most

Taiwanese men lose hair earlier than mostIf you’re a man then, globally speaking you’ve got a 50% chance of balding to some extent by the time you’re 50. What’s interesting however is that the rate of balding varies from region to region and even country to country. A recent article in the Taipei Times focused on a survey, carried out by a German pharmaceutical and cosmetic company which indicated that Taiwan had one of the highest levels of male hair loss in the world at 39%.

60% spot hair loss in their 20s

It’s not just Taiwan either. South Korea actually has a higher incidence of hair loss at a staggering 47% although the age at which baldness strikes tends to be older with only 30% recognising hair loss between 25 and 30. 60% of Taiwanese males with some form of hair loss first spot the symptoms in their 20s.

Give up sex rather than lose hair!

What’s clear from the survey is that for many of these the onset of balding is a bitter pill to swallow. When asked, up to 80% said they would happily give up drinking alcohol if it helped restore their hair and 20% even said they would sacrifice sexual intercourse.

Fortunately for Taiwanese and South Korean men neither of these things will cure hair loss. There are a number of successful treatments though that can be obtained through medicinal channels or by visiting a reputable hair loss clinic. Compounds like minoxidil and finasteride have been proven in clinical trials and then there are a range of other options (depending on the depth of your pockets) from laser treatment, scalp micropigmentation through to a full hair transplant.

In the case of the Taiwanese and South Korean men the survey suggests that they regard stress as one of the major causes of early balding and there is certainly some evidence to indicate a link between hair loss and anxiety. The simple solution to even out their global rankings could just be to reduce their stress levels, although this is easier said than done.


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