Hair loss home cures: do they really work?

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Home hair loss cures: do they really work?

Home hair loss cures: do they really work?On your search for hair loss remedies, you’ll come across a large number of home cures advertised. Claiming to eliminate your balding problem once and for all at an affordable cost, these supposed cures can be a very tempting option; particularly for those on a tight budget.

However, do they actually work or are they a waste of money? Below we’ll explore just two of the most common hair loss home cures and whether they prove to be effective.

Massaging the hair with oil

One of the biggest home cures advertised is the use of scalp massage oils. It’s easy to see why these products sell so well, as the theory behind their effectiveness does make sense.

It is believed that massaging the scalp with oil, helps to boost the circulation, in turn delivering more oxygen to the hair follicles. The increased blood flow within the area is also thought to help remove toxins which can build-up on the scalp and reportedly block the hair follicles.

The trouble is, it isn’t actually a lack of circulation which causes the hair loss. There are a lot of different types of hair loss, with some triggered by hormonal changes, genetics, stress, or potentially underlying health issues. So, massaging the scalp might indeed boost circulation and help you to feel relaxed, but it’s going to do very little to cure your hair loss.

Using onion juice on the scalp

One of the more bizarre home remedies is onion juice. Sulphur is known to promote hair growth and onions are said to contain a high level of sulphur. So, again there’s some logic behind this home cure.

It’s recommended you apply onion juice onto the scalp for a couple of months, twice each week. This in turn is said to promote hair follicles which have been dormant, to start producing new hairs once again.

Now, it is true onion juice could potentially make the hair look thicker and healthier. However, in terms of hair growth it’s unlikely to have any effect. There is zero evidence to suggest that onion juice can cause the hair to regrow.

So, while these two home cures do have logical reasons to suggest they work for hair loss, unfortunately they are unlikely to work. As with most natural hair loss remedies that are advertised, they may have some health benefits, but hair regrowth isn’t one of them.

Overall, there are a lot of genuine hair loss treatments available, but you won’t find them in the form of a home cure. Instead, you’ll need to visit a professional hair loss clinic where you’ll discover which treatment would best suit you.


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