St Baldrick’s Day Celebrations Hit New Heights

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St Baldricks Day was the idea of a child cancer charity, a day when thousands across the States shave their heads to raise much needed cash. We look closer.


St Baldricks Day

The St Baldricks Foundation is a charity dedicated to funding the research that could end childhood cancer. Cancer is the number one killer of children in the US and   In 1999 they decided to co-opt the Irish celebration of St Patricks day and on every March since they have promoted “St Baldricks Day”.

It is a day when events are held across America, at schools, college campuses, church halls, beer festivals… pretty much anywhere they can gather a few caring souls willing to sponsor people to get their heads shaved. It is a moving show of solidarity for those thousands of child cancer sufferers, for whom a bald head is a stigmatic emblem of their illness. Just as importantly it raises vitally needed cash, more every year, for research into childhood cancer, which currently receives a paltry 4% of the cancer research budget. Since 2005 St Baldricks have raised in excess of $250M, a fantastic sum. Though it pales next to the estimated $1B a year spent in the US by people fighting against their own hair loss.

Shout Out To Watchung Hills

We have watched over the years as the St Baldricks Day events have become ever more popular. This year was no exception and for the students, parents and teachers of Watchung Hills Regional High School in New Jersey it was to be the eighth anniversary of their inaugural St Baldricks Day… they have raised an amazing $154,664 over the years.  Each year the number of volunteers goes up and each year they raise more money. This year saw  no less than 20 students (including girls with great long hair) parents and members of the local community line up to be shaved, along with a very brave 11 teachers and members of staff, to raise over $30K. Our thanks go to the excellent for bringing us their story and pictures of what was clearly a great day. You can see the original article by clicking here.

HIS Hair Clinic

This annual outpouring of affection and generosity always gives us a lift here at HIS HQ. To have watched the event, in a relatively short space of time, grow to it’s current proportions has been amazing. Congratulations to all the St Baldricks Foundation on another great year.

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