Trump and the Hair Theorists

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trump hair loss

trump hair lossIt’s never long before US President, Donald Trump, is back hitting the headlines. However, they’re often focused on his hair as much as the political scene in Washington.

After his medical assessment was made public, hair loss has been a popular topic of speculation surrounding Trump. Hair theorists from across the globe have been busy speculating about what’s underneath the President’s odd-shaped blonde locks. Could he really be completely bald underneath?

Breaking down the theories

There’s a surprising number of theories relating to Trump’s hair. One of the most common, is that he is in fact bald. Yep, that thick, odd blonde “do” is apparently a toupee with absolutely nothing underneath! While it’s an enticing theory, Trump has actually squashed this rumour by allowing people to take a close look, and feel, of his locks.

Others claim his locks are a result of a scalp reduction, Microcylinder intervention, a hair transplant and even Head and Shoulders shampoo. Only the President himself knows the secret to his famous locks. However, it’s likely at least one of the theories is spot on.

Hair loss treatment options

These days, if you’re suffering from hair loss, there’s a wide range of treatment options available. Many have proven to be extremely effective and are used to treat a wide range of hair loss conditions.

Those suffering with temporary hair loss conditions, can benefit from medications such as Finasteride or Minoxidil. Those suffering with more severe hair loss problems however, can benefit from more drastic and long-term treatments such as a hair transplant or SMP treatment.

Before seeking out any type of treatment, it’s really important to have the cause of your hair loss diagnosed. Each condition requires a slightly different treatment approach. So, if you start a treatment without first understanding what’s causing the hair loss, you could find it actually makes the problem worse, not better.



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