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Remember the first time you ever heard about Scalp MicroPigmentation? You possibly thought it was a pretty radical idea – before some investigation and finding HIS convinced you of it’s efficacy. This week we discovered a treatment that makes SMP pale into insignificance…


Welcome To Our World


For most people body art begins and ends with make-up and bling. There is a seemingly ever-growing minority who have gone a step further and opted for a tattoo, some artistic representation of themselves, or a loved one, or a moment… always a statement of some kind. The bolder the tattoo, either in design or location, the louder the statement. SMP in many ways bucks this ancient trend, designed from the outset to be subtle and go unnoticed, it is a treatment chosen by people wanting a return to normality – who do not want the unintentional body language of a bald head to run interference through their social and professional lives.

A Step Too Far


This week we came across the story of American tattoo artist Josh. Josh had grown tired of the words he had inked over his eyebrows and decided it was time for a change. Not too much strange there, how long could any of us walk around comfortable with the words Freedom and Overcome on our foreheads? What was unusual was the choice Josh made on how to move on… he visited the clinic of Patterned Flesh Removal exponent BSlice. BSlice removed the offending ink, along with the flesh it sat in, along with most of the rest of the flesh on Josh’s forehead… leaving behind the lattice pattern you can see in the picture above. Truly shocking.

HIS Hair Clinic


The remarkable choice made by Josh is shared to put into perspective the choice of whether or not to go ahead with SMP. Compare yourself to Josh for a moment, he saw the work of BSlice and was inspired. Enough to go through and actually sit in the chair while that was done to him, and will now live with it forever. In comparison, you have the opportunity to attend a relatively painless couple of sessions to achieve precisely what it says on the tin, a totally convincing head of buzz cut hair… one that can be touched up, redesigned, or even completely and easily removed. It really isn’t that hard a decision, head to the forum to read the testimony of hundreds of clients whose only regret was the time they took to go ahead.

Thanks to the Metro for bringing us the story, see their original article here


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