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benefits of going bald

benefits of going baldStarting to go a little thin on top? Before you rush out and spend a fortune on hair loss remedies, you may want to consider the benefits of losing your hair. That’s right, you read it right – there are numerous benefits of going bald!

Below we’ll look at the benefits of embracing your baldness and why it may not be as bad as you think…

Bald men considered more “socially mature”

Did you know that bald men are often seen as being more intelligent, honest and mature than those with a thick set of hair? Not bowled over by those compliments? Then how about the fact many women find bald men to be sexier?

For many men, even the beginning of male pattern baldness can cause them to lose confidence and dent their self-esteem. However, what you see isn’t what others see and going bald can actually make you more appealing!

You’re less likely to get cancer

There’s also some evidence to suggest that men who go bald, have a 45% less chance of getting prostate cancer. This is largely linked to the fact a bald head will soak up a lot more vitamin D, a vitamin that’s vital in the prevention of cancer.

So, if you want to live longer, embrace that baldness!

Still not convinced?

If you still can’t bring yourself to accept your ever-thinning hair, there is an alternative. Not all men embrace baldness as easily as others. If you need time to adjust, why not consider SMP?

SMP is a long-lasting cover-up treatment for male pattern baldness which leaves behind a realistic shaved head appearance. It involves tattooing tiny pigments of ink into the surface of the scalp. Thousands of pigments are used and there are over 100 different colour variations, guaranteeing a fully realistic finish.

Overall, many men don’t realise there are benefits to going bald. So, instead of feeling terrible about it, why not embrace the benefits? If you can’t, there are treatments like SMP available which can really help.


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