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From Korea news reaches us of another interesting stem cell research development in the hunt for a hair loss cure, we look closer.


A couple of weeks ago we were reading tabloid headlines declaring that a chemical used in McDonald’s French Fries could be the answer to hair loss, the news revolved around a Japanese team’s research which had demonstrated remarkable efficacy in producing hair follicle germs (HFG’s) in a petri dish, using the aforementioned chemical.  Now we read news from Korea, published in the Korean Medical Journal, that the globally recognised team at Medipost have received a domestic patent for their work on stem cell cultures “… for hair growth and use thereof.”  Just the sort of headline to grab our attention.

Stem Cell Cultures

Stem cell cultures are a relatively new avenue of exploration. These cultures do not contain any stem cells, rather they are the liquids that are produced during the cultivation of stem cells. As such they are packed with many useful factors which are secreted by the stem cells during manufacture. The team at Medipost have developed a process which sees cord blood-derived stem cells put into an artificially created hair regression environment, with the aim of producing a culture solution that holds the promise of fixing hair loss.

A History of Excellence

Medipost are not one of those small ambitious start-ups we see populating the world of stem cell research. They have been investigating stem cell cultures since 2012 and this latest patent brings their total to 73, all related to cord blood technology. The Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare awarded the cultivation process their “New Excellent Technology” certification last year.

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We are always delighted to read about genuinely original avenues of research, even when they come from a man in his garage. When they come from a company with the background and authority of Medipost it adds significantly to our optimism. Medipost plan to use the patented technology to develop hair loss related products… unless they are going to produce a simply topically applied treatment it means that we are still some years away from a systemic solution. But you can rest assured we will monitor their progress closely and keep you informed.

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