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hair loss medusaLots of salons claim to be able to produce legendary hairstyles but can any of them compete with these genuine legends passed down through the centuries?

  1. Samson. The last of the judges of the Ancient Isrealites who lost all his immense strength when his hair was cut. Actually, his superhuman strength wasn’t down to his long hair.  It’s just that cutting it short meant he’d broken his Nazrite vows so when Delilah took the shears to it that was the end of that.  Well up until the point it grew back and he collapsed a temple with his bare hands, killing all his enemies in one stroke.
  2. Over to Greece and the Medusa. One of the Gorgons, this winged female monster had venomous snakes in place of hair and could turn people to stone.  If you’re into cheesy ‘70s movies then you might remember Perseus using her severed head to turn the Kraken to stone in Clash of the Titans.
  3. Originally a Brothers Grimm tale but recently revamped in the Disney film Tangled.  Consistently having someone climb up and down your very long hair is a definite recipe for traction alopecia!
  4. Thor’s Wife Sif apparently had her hair cut off and stolen by Loki who hadn’t anticipated a rather angry reaction from Thor himself. Loki, thinking on his feet improved the hair by weaving more out of pure gold.  Marvel haven’t got round to this story yet but expect it at some point in the movie series.  Also, this might go some way to explaining the unusual Trump style and colour.
  5. The sword of Damocles. When Dionysus wanted to illustrate the precariousness of Kingship to one of his subjects he used a single horse’s hair to suspend a sword above his head throughout a banquet.  Fortunately, the hair from the tail proved more resilient than a human hair and Damocles survived to learn his lesson.



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