Make 2018 The Year You Fix Your Hair Loss

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For anyone concerned about their appearance due to hair loss we take a look at why Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) should be your salvation in 2018.


That Was The Year That Was

2017. Congratulations on making it through. As years go we were provided with an endless stream of jaw-dropping global events  to distract us from our personal woes. There can be little doubt it will have worked for some… those who take current affairs seriously would have found it difficult to concentrate on their receding temples, or ever more pronounced thinning crown. Ballistic missiles being shot by megalomaniacs, Presidential tweets, Brexit, robots taking jobs, global migration, religious fundamentalism… it’s a wonder any of us are managing to hang on to our hair. It is also a measure of the impact of hair loss that the market continues to grow regardless.

So let’s look forward to 2018, surely a year where there will be a reaction to the failures of our politicians to get to grips with a fast-changing world, where we begin to get back safely into the saddle and steer a happier course. And we can all get back to the serious business of worrying about our hair loss… a problem for which we have a ready made solution that is both effective and has almost no ongoing maintenance charges.


Why Scalp Micropigmentation?

Once hair loss becomes a problem it can be a challenge to embrace it, from an emotional perspective it is so tied to our feelings of youth and vitality that discovering hair loss can be devastating. Not least because we can lose a substantial amount of hair before it becomes noticeable… it means that the moment of discovery is often simultaneous with the terrible realisation that it is already quite advanced. At that point your options are limited. You can go for one of the two FDA approved drugs, they are a lifetime commitment and come with side-effects. They also take months before you can tell whether they are going to be effective for you… and even if they are the height of your aspiration would be to halt progress at it’s current stage.

Hair systems, or wigs as they used to be called, have come a long way. That said, they still require you to buy two as you need one to wear while one goes back for maintenance… they are expensive to buy and costly to maintain. That is before you have to deal with the day to day discomfort and lifestyle limitations, you will also have to develop a deep mistrust of strong winds, rain and excitable children. Forget going swimming too.

Transplants, like hair systems, have come a long way technically. They are still prone to the post transplant hair loss which means the relocated hairs slowly become marooned and force the owner to eventually shave down, sometimes exposing nasty looking scars from the harvest site. Some of the Hollywood A Listers have had good transplants and there are surgeons good enough to do the job well. That said, they seem to be few and far between and so expensive that they remain at the service of only those with deep enough pockets… it is reported that Wayne Rooney, EPL footballer, has spent in the region of £30K for his treatments – which in our opinion are not quite Hollywood A-lister standard. There were some great arguments at HIS HQ when Rooney was a player and Clattenburg refereed. Clattenburg was a poster boy for a hair system business. On a wet rainy day, there were many as Rooney plied his trade in Manchester, the argument was all around whose treatment looked worse in the wet. It was invariably Clattenburg, that tied in hair just would not lie down.


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Contrast those drawbacks with SMP. Two, maybe three, sessions with one of our great team of in-house trained practitioners will see you complete. Check out the gallery to get an idea of what can be achieved, regardless of age, colour or state of hair loss. SMP can also be used to camouflage scars from surgery or transplantation, a serious consideration for so many transplant patients for whom time is forcing their hand and demanding their hair be shaved.

In terms of aftercare, you will receive a simple to follow set of guidelines covering the immediate period after treatment but beyond that it really is treat as normal. We would recommend you take the sort of precautions any sensible bald person would take with their scalp, clean and moisturise regularly, protect against UV… and that is pretty much it. Nothing onerous and certainly nothing expensive. Should a touch up be required… that will be dependent in part on how you care for your scalp and in part on your immune system, touch up sessions are brief and can return you to “showroom condition.”


HIS Hair Clinic

We know just how long some people spend researching SMP, reading testimonies, studying gallery images, either lurking on or engaging with the forum… It is a leap of faith only because the concept will have been completely unknown up to the point they stumbled on it, quite possibly in a bit of a panic. The fact is that HIS have been delivering superb SMP’s for well over a decade. Most clients, understandably, prefer complete discretion but we are fortunate that enough commit to having their pictures on our gallery, or come back and post to our forum (even better because their shots are taken a few weeks or months down the line when any redness from treatment will be gone – it often makes those gallery shots, taken immediately after treatment, tough to judge.

If you would like to talk to one of our friendly team of experts, they are available for skype appointments if getting along to a clinic for an assessment is difficult, simply complete the contact form at the side of this page. Or click here to find your nearest clinic.


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